Press Release from The Ellsworth American by Zachary Lanning

Developer Jonathan Bates has announced his latest project to provide more housing options in Ellsworth. The Planning Board recently reviewed his proposal to construct a 75-unit multifamily dwelling on a 2.6-acre lot at 377 High St, between Curtis Family Shoe Store and Blueberry Hill. The new building will offer single-bedroom apartments, which Bates says are in high demand and affordable for various segments of the population.

The project will also include amenities such as a gym and a stormwater runoff management system that meets the DEP standards. Bates is confident that the development will have adequate water supply, despite the ongoing expansion of The Jackson Laboratory nearby. He expects to conduct a test soon to confirm this. Bates is the developer behind the successful Jefferson Luxe and Washington Luxe apartment complexes, which feature two-bedroom units. With this new project, he aims to fill a gap in the market and create a nice environment that everyone can be proud of.

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